The man who discovered Aloe Vera through a Seminole Medicine Man, and was the first to stabilize 55% of the fresh gel in an ointment became our teacher, friend and mentor.  Through him, we learned there were over 180 Species and 2200 varieties of aloe.


He pioneered Clinical Studies as a treatment for third degree thermal burns in an FDA licensed laboratory. The FDA took “No Exception” to the results of the Clinical Studies and agreed that the aloe ointment stimulated the skin’s ability to stop the damage and regenerate new tissue beginning within 30 minutes of application.

Clinical Studies

Histopathological Changes 30 minutes After Third Degree Thermal Burn.

Summary of complete Burn Research Study available to Medical professionals upon request.

Interestingly, these findings not only explained how this rare Aloe could aid in stopping skin damage and renewal in a third degree thermal burn, but later, these same findings would show why women were reporting lines and wrinkles diminishing, oily and dry skin normalizing and various skin disorders disappearing:

Emerald Aloe Fields

To ensure we use the gel only from this rare tropical Aloe Vera Plant, the plants we grow ourselves are ALL direct descendants of the plants discovered from the Seminole Indians.

Our Emerald Aloe Vera leaves are hand filleted and carefully blended with other naturally derived emollients to preserve the secret rejuvenating and Anti-Aging properties of the Emerald Aloe Vera Gel in AndraSina Skincare treatment products.


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