All Aloe is not the same with over 180 species and 2200 varieties!  A rare and powerful Aloe, we call Emerald Aloe, makes us unique from all other aloe products you will find on the market today! 


When our mentor couldn’t grow the aloe fast enough to keep up with the demand, he searched the world for more and never found another aloe with the same miraculous healing properties.  And now he understood why Drs. Collins had given up their aloe research, they could not get consistent results.  Just because 2 plants look alike doesn’t mean their healing properties are the same! Most aloe on the market today comes from aloe our mentor rejected in Texas.


It takes 2 years for an Emerald Aloe plant to mature at which point we can began harvesting 3 leaves per plant 4 times a year. The Emerald Aloe leaves are hand filleted to make sure none of the bitter and irritating aloin is found in our juice, vitamins or skincare. It takes 20 leaves to make ½ gallon of juice or gel.

In our experience, sensitive skin is usually dehydrated skin.  Dehydrated skin has minute breaks in the epidermis (outside layer of your skin) leaving skin susceptible to more skin damage and sensitivities. 


This unique aloe vera works to heal those superficial breaks in the epidermis allowing it to retain moisture and health.


Because we come from a healing approach, we know the same process that heals a burn will also work to restore your skin to health.  Emerald Aloe will naturally lift the dead and damaged skin cells from newer younger skin without damaging acids or abrasives; the Skin Balancer will work to normalize the pH of your skin, your skin’s natural barrier against the environment; and Emerald Aloe will  rehydrate and protect your skin.

This could be possible, there are people who are allergic to aloe amongst many other things.  Our experience is this is usually because of the specie & variety of the aloe; the processing or other ingredients added to the aloe.


Aloin, is a bitter irritant, found at the bottom of Emerald Aloe leaves.  The base of the leaf is cut off and disposed of.  The remaining gel is  hand rinsed to make sure you don’t have aloin in your Andra Sina Skincare or juice.  Many other aloes have aloin running through the whole leaf which causes skin irritation, diarrhea and cramps.

We suggest using your Skin Cleanser twice a day, in the morning and before bed.  The Exfoliating Skin Cleanser is very gentle and the Emerald Aloe is uniquely formulated into the Skin Cleanser to lift dead and damaged skin cells from the healthy younger cells.  We add no acids or abrasives that can burn or irritate your skin, just the natural ingredients as they come out of the leaf!


The Skin Cleanser exfoliates because of Emerald Aloe's natural enzymes and salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory, as used in aspirin).  Clinical Studies of third degree burns, show Emerald Aloe debrides (exfoliates) the damaged skin cells naturally.


People with dry, dehydrated skin, may feel a slight tingling and pinkness the first few times they use the Skin Cleanser.  This should go away in a few days.  However, if you are uncomfortable or have skin allergies, you have to make the final decision.

No!  The Skin Balancer is not to be confused with any ordinary toner or astringent.  There are no harsh damaging ingredients, just the natural healing properties of Emerald Aloe.  Its function is to remove residue from tap water after rinsing and bring your skin’s pH back into balance.  The Balancer is so gentle you can even use it to remove eye makeup or lipstick.  Don’t skip this important step as it works to keep skin healthier and younger.

Most people find, with consistent use, all skin types will begin to come towards normal. 

The short answer is no…no one can do that without acids, derma-brasion, micro needling or plastic surgery!  If you want your skin to feel and look smoother naturally, have more color, and see fine lines and wrinkles soften, and just look great for your age, then Andra Sina is for you!  We don’t promise miracles, just results.

Most people like either the Relief Ointment or Rescue…the Relief Ointment is more of a Vaseline consistency and feeds the aloe into the skin more slowly.   The Rescue is non- oily.  Both have a high concentration of Emerald Aloe, the equivalent of 300%. 

The Enriched Moisturizer will work great on your face and Relief Therapy products would be great options as well. 


Remember, Rosacea can be irritated with drinking caffeine, eatung hot sauce or irritants.  Many people find relief from eczema by mixing a little of the Andra Sina Relief Ointment with one of our moisturizing body lotions or Relief Lotion.  Psoriasis is caused by cells coming to the surface of the skin before they should and Emerald Aloe seems to help them normalize.

Most people like the Relief Ointment for bed sores and the Relief Lotion or Body Lotion for the rest of her body as a preventative.

For a normal sunburn, the After Sun is your perfect choice with over 150% concentration of Emerald Aloe.  For a more severe sunburn try Andra Sina Rescue or Relief Ointment with a concentration of Emerald Aloe over 300%. 


Remember, the sooner you apply a generous amount of Emerald Aloe on your skin, and the more often you apply it, the better your results.  The Clinical Studies showed a major difference in diminishing skin damage within 30 minutes of application.

Studies show Emerald Aloe applied to a burn, stops skin damage that would normally continue for 48 hours, and stimulates your skin’s natural ability to renew and heal itself helping to normalize cell reproduction and prevent damage to the cell’s DNA. 

Most people going through radiation treatment, find applying a generous amount of the Relief Lotion, three times a day helps keep their skin healthy. 

The Relief Ointment is great for helping with scarring if you’ve had surgery, or if your skin is getting a little pink and or dry.  The Relief Ointment can easily be mixed with the Relief Lotion in the palm of your hand and applied to the radiated area for a little extra lubrication.

We’ve had many people have great results with Andra Sina Rescue.  The skin on your neck is thin and delicate.  Your goal is to keep your skin as healthy as possible so you can finish your 3-7 weeks of radiation therapy.

For the genital area most people like the Relief Ointment, find it very soothing and effective for pain relief and protection.

The Relief Ointment has the highest concentration of Emerald Aloe and because of its consistency protects baby’s sensitive skin and never stings.

I would probably use any one of the Relief Therapy products and or the Moisturizing Body Lotion.

Most people tell us the Relief Ointment is a miracle and also helps with pain relief.

Time is so important.  The sooner you apply Emerald Aloe the quicker you stop the damage from progressing. If the skin isn’t broken, apply a generous amount of Rescue or Relief Ointment.  Always be careful with burns.  if the skin is broken, use a disinfectant or antibiotic cream along with the Andra Sina Relief Ointment.  And of course, use your judgment as to whether you need to see a doctor. 

We have found Andra Sina Rescue and Relief Ointment both help with itching and healing.  If you have a non poisonous bug bite you might try the Facial Masque too, it helps to draw the poison out.

If the skin is broken, you should always consult with your doctor, and follow his/her instructions.  Otherwise, yes disinfect, use your antibiotic cream and Andra Sina Relief Therapy.

We grow our own aloe to be sure we have a continued supply of the original aloe (Emerald Aloe) proven in Clinical Studies to stop skin damage within 30 minutes of application.  You are assured the aloe in every jar and bottle of Andra Sina is organic and has never had insecticides or other harmful ingredients used while growing it.

We do not test on animals!  Although we do use our products on our dogs and cat, and they LOVE them!


Absolutely NOT!  We were natural and organic before people were even thinking about GMO’s or even knew what GMO meant.

Yes, we come from a healing approach.


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