The Inspiration

Who would have thought an after tan lotion I purchased from a Florida Boutique in the 1960’s would lead my future husband and me to starting Andra Sina Skincare 20 years later. The healthy glow, light fresh scent made it unforgettable. I knew there was something special that no other lotion, aloe or not, could match. 

Married, with 2 sons, Wayne, my husband, thought I was bored and had heard of a new company looking for representatives. It was an Aloe based skincare line selling through direct sales. I didn’t see myself as a salesperson, but eventually got talked into it. As it turned out I enjoyed having a reason to get dressed up, go out, meet new friends and make a few dollars to spend however I wanted.

After a couple years, Wayne suggested we think about starting our own company. We met and talked with chemists from Los Angeles, to Phoenix, Chicago, New York and finally Ft. Lauderdale.

Meeting The Father of Aloe Vera

In Ft. Lauderdale, we met an enchanting gentleman then known as the Father of Aloe Vera. I’ll always remember our first visit and walking into his living room stacked with papers, 3 rocking chairs and a statue of Nefertiti. My first impression was he was lonely, retired and just happy to have someone to talk to. He told us how the “granddaddy of all sunburns” got him thinking there had to be a natural cure for sunburn like quinine in the bark of a tree for malaria.

After 3.5 hours we learned about his search for a natural cure for sunburn, and how he had persuaded the Seminole Medicine Man to share his secret rejuvenating plant with him. With his background in Chemical Sales he became the first to stabilize Aloe with its rejuvenating properties intact, pioneered Clinical Studies to prove to the medical community that his Aloe Ointment was effective, was written up in medical journals and newspapers nationwide and ultimately couldn’t keep up with the demand which began another search for more aloe vera worldwide. This was when he learned there was a wide range of rejuvenating properties with over 180 species and 2200 varieties of aloe! All aloe is NOT the same!  This explained why early researchers could never get consistent results.

The Rest of Our Inspiration...

As he was finishing his story he went into his back bedroom and grabbed an armful of products his company had made over 20 years earlier. And there was our long sought After Tan Lotion! Now we understood why his After Tan Lotion was so unique, All Aloe is NOT the Same!

We spent every moment possible with our mentor learning about his genuine aloe.  We helped him transplant, trim and process aloe. 

Delivery of First 3,000 Sets of Skincare

A few weeks later, early on a Saturday morning (Wayne and our older son were in the mountains at a retreat), the doorbell rang and there was huge semi truck out front and the truck driver said, “hey lady, who’s going to unload this truck?”

Well, since the truck driver had no intentions of unloading the truck, our 7 year old son, Jared, his friend and I unloaded the truck!

The reality of how much product we had ordered was there sitting in front of me! I invited friends to come and try our new skincare.  Before I knew it, our business was thriving and Wayne and I were doing trainings twice a week and monthly meetings for new salespeople!

Our Introduction to Jazzercise

We were told our story and our mentor’s was unique and we should make an infomercial. In reality we weren’t ready for an infomercial but the relationship and friendship with Jazzercise and their founder, Judi Missett, has proven more valuable than the infomercial ever could have.   

Jazzercise has continued to be a way of life for me, I attend classes regularly and have had booths at most of Jazzercise’s Conventions. I rarely walk into class without bags of Andra Sina Skincare orders!

Health & Longevity Drinking Emerald Aloe

We learned from our mentor that drinking about 8-10 ounces of aloe a day could boost the immune system. Wayne’s dad and sister had cancer, my family had coronary artery disease. Our mentor’s dad, who drank aloe every day, regained his health and lived to be 98 years old.  Our mentor claimed along with aloe boosting the immune system, aloe acts as an anti-inflammatory and slows down the aging process. He lived to be a young 96 years of age!

Andra Sina Plants Emerald Aloe In California 1990

To ensure Andra Sina Skincare and Nutrition have only the original genuine aloe (a variety of Barbadensis Miller), we transplanted 2200 plants from our mentor’s field in Florida to California with the help of our two sons, Jared and Chris. We hired an organic farmer and planted our first field. 

It takes 2 years for Emerald Aloe plants to mature at which time we can harvest 3 leaves per plant 4 times a year. It takes 40 leaves to make one gallon of juice! The leaves are washed, hand filleted, blended, fiber strained and bottled. Emerald Aloe juice is cold processed and NEVER pasteurized.

Testing Aloe & How Emerald Aloe Got It's Name

Our First Radiation Patient

Our Values

Giving Thanks

We are so thankful to all of you who have introduced friends and family to the Andra Sina Skincare Family throughout the years. We appreciate all the love and support you have shown us.

We’d like to specifically thank our sons Chris and Jared for all their patience throughout the years and their help. To both our fathers, Wayne A. and Bob Cape for their advice and financial support; to those who have helped run the office and get us ready for Conventions, Street Faires and Open Houses; Tanisha, Stacie, Mikayla and Josh Garvin, Doreen Aguas, Barbara Kellenbarger and Kris Powell. A special thanks to incredible sales people, Rose Senese, Terry Lange, Rosie Diaz, Jean Laszuk and Deborah Ann  Farrell.

We’re excited to be sharing Andra Sina through a new website built by an amazing young lady, Rebecca Worsley at Rainy City Marketing, adding some new products and doing what we love to do!

Life is good, God is great and Emerald Aloe is a gift from God.  Enjoy, be healthy, radiate health and please Share the Secret, All Aloe is NOT the Same! Your friends and family will only know what Andra Sina can mean to them if you tell them and share a sample!

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