Travel Skincare Set

Travel Skincare

Travel Sets are fabulous gifts for friends, a hostess gift, for a quick weekend getaway and for those of you with sensitive skin who would like to just give Andra Sina a try for 4-10 days.

Our 3 Step Travel Skincare includes:

Exfoliating Skin Cleanser .5 oz. In every leaf of Emerald Aloe there are natural ingredients that exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells naturally without any added irritating acids or abrasives.

Skin Balancer .5 oz.This is no ordinary toner or astringent, its purpose is to renew your skin’s pH balance, your skin’s first line of defense against the environment, premature aging and various skin disorders.  So gentle you may use it to remove eye makeup and lipstick!  You may also use it as quick refresh throughout the day!

Renaissance Cell Renewal .25 oz.A light, silky, highly concentrated Emerald Aloe anti-aging day or night skin treatment enhanced with Alpha Lipoic Acid and botanicals.  Quickly replenishes lost moisture, fights free radical damage and inflammation.  You will find Renaissance a unique and effective tool against aging, lines and wrinkles.

Enriched Moisturizer .25 oz.A rich creamy, highly concentrated Emerald Aloe Moisturizer enhanced with botanicals to fight free radical damage, diminishing signs of premature aging.  Quickly replenishes lost moisture and natural ingredients stimulate the skin’s ability to renew and heal itself from the inside out.  Skin will become smoother and younger looking.

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