I cannot tell you the amount of compliments I receive about my “flawless” complexion. And believe it or not , a lot of them come from Mary Kay representatives, who are asking if I use their products. I always have to laugh, don’t they wish!
S. Anderson

I love your products! I’ve even had 2 very incredible compliments by two of my friends’ husbands (compliments don’t come easy from these two!! and it was at separate times so I know it wasn’t a conspiracy) about how young and radiant I look!! My gosh, that is worth a lot!!
Joanne H.

Thank you for your skincare products. The red rash marks on my face have all cleared up now thanks to your products! Some of the sores were actually weeping! No more Mary Kay or store bought products for me!
Kathy K.

I just want you to know that I use the Relief Lotion for everything. I recently used it for an area that was on my back. My dermatologist said it was a basil cell cancer. I was going to have it removed, but thought I would try the lotion until I made the appointment. I used it faithfully day & night for about 3 weeks and that “spot” is completely gone! By using the Relief Lotion I saved myself about $700 for the cost of the surgery. Thank you SINA Relief Lotion!
Wendi P.

Last week I had a laser treatment to my entire face. I didn’t use the Auquafor they gave me. I used your Relief Ointment. Coated my face every night, with a visible difference each morning. 12 days later I saw my plastic surgeon and he commented on how well I had healed! I really think my doctor needs to know more about your Relief Ointment.
Lanan W.

Thanks again for producing the best skincare products on planet Earth!
T. Bennett