• Liquid Night Coral Calcium (32 oz)

Liquid Night Coral Calcium (32 oz)




Liquid Night Coral Calcium (32 oz) with Major & Trace Minerals, Vitamins C & D plus MSM. Coconut flavor.

Emerald Aloe Liquid Supplements
 As many of you know, for several years we have been working on a practical way to provide the powerful health & healing benefits of Emerald Aloe to the inside of the body through a dietary supplement. Among the many reported health benefits associated with taking Emerald Aloe internally are: Relief of stomach & digestive problems, reducing overall cholesterol levels while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol, and increasing energy levels. But by far the most clinically proven benefit from taking Emerald Aloe internally is Emerald Aloe’s ability to protect & strengthen the body’s immune system!

Liquid Night Calcium
 AndraSina’s Liquid Life Night Calcium formula contains Emerald Aloe, Coral Calcium, Major & Trace Minerals, Vitamins C & D and MSM. It is formulated to help tissue repair and calcium assimilation while you sleep. It relaxes the nerves after the stress of the day and provides your body with macro minerals essential for its basic structures: bone, nerve, and muscle. It is especially good for anyone with stress, nerve, sleep, muscle or bone problems.

There are many different forms of calcium. What you should consider is how much of the calcium can be absorbed by the body. Some forms, like Calcium Lactate and Calcium Phosphate are 5% absorbable in 20 hours . . . makes for good plant fertilizer, but not the best for the human body. Coral Calcium comes from Sea Coral and is 100% absorbable!

Coral Calcium May Contribute to Longevity
 Every part of your body is made up of building blocks called human cells. When cells die or become damaged, healthy cells divide to create "copies" and make up for the loss of dead cells. Cell division begins when the DNA in a cell replicates, the cell divides in half and the DNA copy becomes part of the new cell that resulted in the division.

In this process, there are always chances that a copy of the DNA will not result in a perfect copy. This results in cells that will begin to carry a corrupted set of your body's blueprint! Through the years, more and more of these errors will occur until vital organs to the body are too weak to continue functioning or defend the body from disease. Some DNA errors can be detrimental to the body while others don't pose such immediate threats. The most serious consequences from damaged DNA are cancers and less serious are those such as hair loss and skin wrinkles.

There is scientific evidence showing that the minerals in Coral Calcium such as Magnesium play an important role in the creation of DNA. By helping ensure that your body has an adequate supply of these essential minerals, you help DNA replication perform well and in turn help your body stay healthier longer.

Why Liquid Vitamins & Minerals?
 The Physician's Desk Reference (page 1542) shows that vitamins and minerals in a pill form are only 10 to 20% absorbed by the body! That means for every $100 you are spending on nutrients, you are literally flushing about $90 of it down the toilet! AndraSina Liquid Day Vitamins & Night Calcium are 98% absorbable! With AndraSina Liquid Day Vitamins, and Liquid Night Calcium, you WILL feel a difference!

You’ll Get Your Money’s Worth!
 If you are taking supplements now, you are probably spending anywhere from $50 to $75 (maybe more) per month. If your supplements are the pill form you’re only getting, at the most, $10 to $15 worth of actual benefits (due to the low absorption rate of pills).

Priced at only $28 each for the 32 oz Liquid Day and Liquid Night, you’re wasting almost as much money on your pill form supplements than the Emerald Aloe Liquid Supplements cost! For those of you who don’t take supplements because of cost or because you aren’t convinced they would do anything for you, now’s the time to act! You won’t see liquid supplements at this price anywhere let alone liquid supplements with Emerald Aloe! But PLEASE don’t let the low price keep you from ordering them! (If you want us to charge you more, we’re willing to do that.)