• Exfoliating Skin Cleanser      4.0 oz

Exfoliating Skin Cleanser 4.0 oz

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A gentle, silky, non-scented Emerald Aloe Exfoliating Skin Cleanser that gently lifts dead and damaged skin cells from healthy cells, revealing a younger healthier complexion after just one application.  All skin types, ages, male or female.   Use twice a day for great results.

The molecular mechanisms of Emerald Aloe remain unclear, but the same process that heals a third degree thermal burn also works to bring all skin types toward normal and stimulate the skin’s natural ability to renew and repair itself from the inside out.

In burn centers, dead and damaged skin are removed by scraping. No need to scrape, scrub or irritate the skin but watch as Emerald Aloe naturally and gently lifts the dead and damaged skin cells from the healthy cells revealing younger healthier skin.  No need for abrasive scrubs are irritating acids.

This is Step 1 in a simple three step treatment process.

Does not contain Parabens, alcohol or abrasives

Ingredients: Emerald Aloe Gel, Carnation Oil, Polysorbate 60 Sorbitan Stearate, Carbomer 940, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA