• Aloe Gel (64oz)

Aloe Gel (64oz)




Drink Emerald Aloe Gel?!

 All Aloe is NOT Created Equal!  With over 350 species and 3500 varieties of aloe, there’s a wide range of healing properties with many aloes not having any healing properties at all! 

 Emerald Aloe is a nutrient-rich plant, containing more than 200 active components: vitamins ACE, B1, B2, B6, folic acid, choline, beta-carotene, minerals, calcium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper, chromium, essential amino acids, enzymes and plant chemicals such as complex sugars, proteins, polysaccharides.  Polysaccharides are found in every cell in the body and perform many functions, such as; increase the feel good chemicals in the brain, alleviate fatigue, promote cardiovascular health by lowering LDL cholesterol, raising HDL and reducing the stickiness of platelets, making it harder for plaque to build up in artery walls, increase coronary artery capacity and lowering blood pressure, improve blood reproduction and maintenance, liver function and intestinal health, helping to reduce colon cancer, promote Interferon, a white cell medium and tumor necrosis (death) and free radicals can be all but eliminated and too many more to list.

 Drinking Emerald Aloe gel has been shown to help support digestion and promote a healthy digestive system (it’s very good for people with ulcers, acid reflux, gastritis, IBS or other stomach/intestinal problems); helps balance intestinal secretions; improve intestinal motility, helps destroy parasites, harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus; helps decrease inflammation.

 When we first met our mentor (the man who first discovered Emerald Aloe through the Seminole Indians and pioneered Clinical Research), he told us about how his  father, with drinking aloe everyday had regained his health and lived to be 98 years old!  We make NO health claims for drinking Emerald Aloe juice.  We are sharing our mentor’s and our own personal experiences and those of others who believe Emerald Aloe has made a difference in their health and how they feel.  We have omitted our mentor’s name in respect to the privacy of his family. Drinking fresh aloe gel everyday…he lived to be a very young 96 years old!

 After hearing our mentor’s story, Wayne and I decided we wanted to drink Emerald Aloe.  We had the leaves harvested from our mentor’s field in Florida, packed and air freighted to San Diego.  We then we hand filleted the Emerald Aloe leaves, blended, strained, bottled and flash froze the juice.  Each gallon cost over $100 plus our labor!  Drinking 8 ounces a day, Wayne’s stomach problems disappeared, we had more energy, were healthier and very seldom caught colds or flu. 

 In 1990 we transplanted 2200 Emerald Aloe plants from our mentor’s field in Florida to Imperial Valley, CA.  We hired an organic farmer/professor from UCLA and began growing Emerald Aloe.

 It takes 2 years for Emerald Aloe plants to mature at which time we can harvest 3 leaves per plant 4 times a year. It takes 20 leaves to make ½ gallon of juice.  The leaves are then hand filleted, liquefied, strained and bottled. Emerald Aloe juice is cold processed and NEVER heated or pasteurized. 

Testing Emerald Aloe…It was important to us to prove to ourselves the Southern California Emerald Aloe was as good as the tropically grown, so we sent samples of each to the top aloe research and testing laboratory in the country as well as samples of aloe from all of the major aloe growers and processors. The concentration levels of the active ingredients (solids) in the aloe samples were compared.  The results were astounding!  If the active number 1200 represents the standard norm for the level of active ingredients (solids), the highest any of the non-Emerald Aloe samples scored was 1640.  Emerald Aloe grown here scored an unbelievable 2720 (slightly higher than our tropically grown Emerald Aloe)!  The head of the research lab said he had never tested or heard of any aloe that scored that high!  In fact, he tested it two more times to make sure he hadn’t made a mistake!

Emerald Aloe comes to you unflavored, it has a unique taste but not overpowering or distasteful.  You may choose to flavor your juice or by adding Crystal Light, Wyler’s, Kool-Aid, Emergen-C or frozen juice concentrate. Store Emerald Aloe juice in a dark cabinet or box before opening and refrigerate after opening.

Suggested Daily intake, based on our mentor’s experience, we started out drinking 4 ounces in the morning before breakfast and 4 ounces in the evening before bed to maintain good health.  We have gradually increased our intake to 8 ounces in the morning and 8 ounces before bed.  Sometimes, we even drink more if flu or colds are going around.