Optimal renewal, balance and hydration are achieved, A smoother complexion revealed

What Makes AndraSina Skincare Unique?

With over 350 species and 3500 varieties, not all aloe is created equal. "Emerald" Aloe, a rare and powerful aloe, documented in medical journals through extensive thermal burn research, has been proven to stop, even reverse skin damage. The molecular mechanisms of "Emerald" Aloe are unclear, but the same process that heals a third degree thermal burn also works to normalize all skin types and repair damage from sun and lifestyle. Skin appears more youthful by smoothing out fine lines and the antioxidant properties of "Emerald" Aloe.

AndraSina Exfoliating Skin Cleanser

Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin without damaging acids or gritty abrasives.

Apply generously to face, with gently sweeping upward strokes. Do NOT massage into skin. If you experience a tingling sensation this usually means your skin is dehydrated and needs moisture.

Then rinse with plenty of warm water and a clean face cloth.

For a more intense exfoliation, allow Andra Sina Exfoliating Skin Cleanser to remain on your skin for 3-5 minutes. Then, gently massage wrinkle prone areas: along jaw line, around eyes and forehead.

Can You Believe It?

What you see and feel is the dead skin cells, makeup and dirt catching in the Exfoliating Skin Cleanser. NOW...RINSE WITH A CLEAN FACE CLOTH AND PLENTY OF WARM WATER.

AndraSina Skin Balancer

A balanced pH (acid level) helps enhance skin's defense system against UV aging and harmful bacteria. Andra Sina Balancer is the second step of cleansing and exfoliation your skin. Gives skin a healthy glow, refines pores and reduces wrinkles. Andra Sina Balancer is so gentle it may used to remove eye makeup and lipstick!

Apply Skin Balancer with a cotton pad, smoothing upward and outward.

A cool sensation that gives your skin a splash of refreshment

AndraSina Light Moisturizer

Works to bring all skin types toward normal. "Emerald" Aloe with Select Botanicals and Grape seed Extract helps control and prevent blemishes without harsh chemicals that can cause over drying and irritation. Helps purify the skin while treating blemishes and protects skin from environmental damage. Micronized titanium dioxide and "Emerald" Aloe offer natural UV protection. Ideal under makeup ... or by itself.

Radiant, hydrated and protected skin. That's the power of "Emerald" Aloe

Other Fine Moisturizer Choices

AndraSina Renaissance Cell Renewal Creme.

AndraSina Enriched Moisturizer.

AndraSina Revital-Eyes.